Crawley Archery Club are a long standing group ofCrawley Archery Club Logo archers with a history going back to 1955. We shoot all year round, and have established facilities for indoor, outdoor and also field archery. Please see our Grounds page for more information regarding when and where we meet.

Crawley Archery Club is a registered Archery GB club incorporating Senior, Junior and Disable archery clubs, we participate in local and regional events, as well as holding our own annual events for other clubs to participate in. Our Tournaments page has an overview of the events we hold, as well as forms to enter.

Affiliated to the Sussex County Archery Association and active in the county.
Participants in, Sussex County Albion League, British Archery Postal Leagues, and Bow International 70M Internet Archery Leagues.

Beginner Courses 2016

Crawley Archery Club would like any one interested in archery to to register their interest in the next beginners course. The next course will be on 2nd/ 3rd April at Copthorne Prep School. Email: enquiries@crawleyarcheryclub.co.uk with your contact details, the club will be in contact to reserve your place.

The price for the full course is £65.00 and both sessions must be attended to complete the course.
All equipment and tuition is provided by Crawley Archery Club. There may be restrictions on the Junior places (below 12 years old) as this is an intense weekend course and therefore less suitable for Junior Archers.

The course will progress to teach entrants Point-Of-Aim and Olympic styles of archery, and will also cover bow maintenance, scoring methods and competition types. As ability over the two day course improves, the targets will be moved further and further back, the target faces growing smaller.

The venue in the Winter season( October to March) is the Copthorne Preparatory School, Copthorne. For directions, see our Maps page.
 Please note: The indoor hall can be cold, so please bring layers in order to keep warm.

Attendees finishing the course are issued with certificates and are subsequently eligible to join any Archery GB club.

Children under the age of 18 must be initially accompanied by an adult and then a written in loco parentis form completed if they need to be left for any time. Children under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. There may be restrictions on the Junior places (below 12 years of age) as this is an intense weekend course and therefore less suitable for Junior Archers

To find out more, see our beginners page. Discover more about being a member of the club or visit our Facebook page to see photos of our activity.